Angelle Chang

My fashion comes with a message. We are all perfect because of imperfections.

— Angelle Chang


The creative brain behind, Angelle Chang, founded the brand in 2013 in devotion to her son, Jowin.

Jowin was born with a left cleft lip, this oftentimes attracted people’s gaze towards his mark. As a mother, Angelle felt that she should draw the attention to something other than his facial anomaly. This is how she came with the idea to start designing clothing for her son; which resulted into a fashion label – Angelle Chang

Angelle draws inspiration from the Netherlands and all items are handmade in Holland using European fabrics.


Former model and fashion editor, Angelle, founded JOW Junior in 2013 in devotion to her son, JOWIN. Soon after in 2015, thanks to the rising demand by parents wanting to match outfits with their kids, Angelle started her adult label, JOW (also known as JOW Fashion).

Angelle has been in the fashion industry as a model since the age of 16 and has done numerous international projects in Holland, New York, L.A., Hong Kong, China, and more. She has also been in the field of urban planning and has done several communication projects working for the State of Rotterdam.


JOWIN was born with a left cleft lip in 2011, after which Angelle was left determined to take away all negative attention coming in Jowin’s way with people’s glares. As Angelle said, “My message is “perfect because of imperfections”.

“I was continuously working on making designs that would really fit my son and make him proud, as well as being confident about himself. I decided to give people a very good reason to stare; to make him the best looking and most trendy boy they have ever seen!  I wanted people to look at him like a perfect boy, like any mother would look at her son!”


JOW Junior and JOW designs are handmade with love and care. We make trendy and comfortable outfits through our modern fusion of Dutch traditional Folklore fabrics and Asian traditional fabrics. Dutch and Chinese patterns, traditional finishing techniques can be observed in all of our handcrafted items.

All items are handcrafted using only natural fabrics to ensure the best treatment of your skin and also the definite “Feel Good” factor. As Angelle says, “In my designs I want to give kids confidence, culture and couture. I use natural fabrics as widely used in Dutch and Asian traditional clothing.”