Lace Angelle has a very profound love for lace, as one can notice from the various types and the extensive amount of lace in her designs! She is no less than a master when it comes to designing with lace and has said how this is her favourite material. Angelle’s designs mostly use viscose lace,

Origami Pattern Collections

Origami Pattern Collections To Angelle, origami represents hope, as it does universally as well. She fondly recalls all her childhood memories where she was making origami along with her sister and friends, folding very delicately and creatively, sometimes making totally new own unique crafts. She remembers herself and those around her making birds, flowers and

Staphorst & Volendam Styles, The Dutch Stripes Collection

Staphorst & Volendam Styles, The Dutch Stripes Collection The formation of the traditional Dutch villages of Staphorst and Volendam both date back to the 13th century when Staphorst was developing into primarily a farming village and Volendam into a fishing village. The mutually common elements in these two village towns lie in their traditional clothing

Amsterdam Blue Collection

Amsterdam Blue Collection This collection uses noticeable Amsterdam city scenes as its main design element, which feature the iconic Amsterdam grachten houses printed on the local Dutch natural fabric. This is a typical image of Amsterdam, which has 400 year history along with UNESCO heritage. Amsterdam is a city famous for its openness and friendliness


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