Angelle Chang by Jay Tang

The creative brain behind, Angelle Chang, founded the brand in 2013 in devotion to her son, Jowin.

Jowin was born with a left cleft lip, this oftentimes attracted people’s gaze towards his mark. As a mother, Angelle felt that she should draw the attention to something other than his facial anomaly. This is how she came with the idea to start designing clothing for her son; which resulted into a fashion label – Angelle Chang

Angelle draws inspiration from the Netherlands and all items are handmade in Holland using European fabrics.

West-Kruiskade 51
3014AL Rotterdam
The Netherlands


Coolsingel 83
3012AE Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Space 101
Diergaardesingel 101
3014AH Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Novelty Lane
2/F 104-106 Johnston Road
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

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Citraland Surabaya